Yes, it's that time of the year: I am blogging. I was using Jaws as my blogging tool and CMS for the past few years more or less and I am finally switching to something new.

I was running a SVN snapshot of Jaws and haven't updated nor maintained that one for about 3 years. This reduced my abilility to blog a lot as I had to look after bugs and jumping through the hoops to make a post. At some point I wanted to replace Jaws with something better that fits my needs but didn't find anything.

I have been keeping an eye on Joey Hess' ikiwiki for quite some time, but never felt the desire to blog something important and thus postponed solving my website mess.

ikiwiki logo

For those who don't know ikiwiki yet, it is a wiki compiler based on a version control system like git which generates the website when you push your commits to the git repository. The wiki uses the markdown syntax but also supports other engines. ikiwiki is written in Perl which is not my favourite language, but I have seen worse. :-D

When I wrote the Debian packaging tools for the Common Language Infrastructure, which are based on debhelper, I had to study code written by Joey Hess. Putting the syntax aside (I mean it's Perl, it can't be beautiful because of that) he does well designed and implemented software and this is the reason ikiwiki is a great candidate despite the used language.

Jo Shields suggested dogfeeding myself with a .NET based blog, but ASP.NET is just junk, but with Manos de Mono I am actually considering it! Manos is written in beautiful C# without any ASP.NET close to it, but is extremely new and has no blogging or wiki engine written for it yet. I was involved in Jaws's development and I didn't want to run into the same issue again for now (more hacking the tools, less using them).

So last night I finally made the decision, installed ikiwiki and made my first post with it, yay! The markdown syntax feels very naturaly to me. I usually end up searching for the syntax documentation every 2nd paragraph, but not on this one...

Compiled pages are fast and awesome! I'm using jekyll for my pages :)

Comment by Anonymous Thu Apr 14 00:05:20 2011
Junk is putting it nicely when describing ASP.NET. ASP.NET MVC however is a completely different story. It's similar (from my limited experience) to Ruby, only with .NET/Mono goodness. I can also vouch for mono support/running it on a production Fedora server.
Comment by Anonymous Thu Apr 14 01:40:14 2011
ASP.NET MVC is not much better, because the most annoying part is the web environment, say apache+mod_mono+some obscure structure. I can accept fiddle around with the build environment but when it comes to deployment it needs to be simple and just work and not even more work and this is where ASP.NET fails IMHO regardless of used framework on top of it.
Comment by meebey Thu Apr 14 20:26:45 2011
How about rewriting ikiwiki in go.
Comment by Anonymous Thu Apr 14 23:33:20 2011


I have been thinking of using the ikiwiki for some time now. I have been trying to see some examples of similar sites. However, except for Joey Hess's site, I haven't seen anything else. Its not easy to notice, since their is no explicit mention of the it anywhere on the site.

Hence my question. Is this site ikiwiki? If it is, it is really good I would say!

Comment by Jayesh Badwaik Tue Oct 25 10:17:45 2011
Yes, this site is powered by ikiwiki, see the source of this post here:;a=history;f=posts/goodbye_jaws_hello_ikiwiki.mdwn;hb=e34279a39fe9b1fe042901889019c6d1f5658ed0
Comment by meebey Mon Oct 31 20:17:19 2011