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secure_usb_boot_with_debian: fixed typo uncrypted -> unencrypted
secure_usb_boot_with_debian: fix typo
secure_usb_boot_with_debian: publish to blog, planet-debian and planet-mono
creating tag page tags/security
secure_usb_boot_with_debian: update foreword and final words
secure_usb_boot_with_debian: howto is Debian centric
secure_usb_boot_with_debian: make fingerprint portion bold
secure_usb_boot_with_debian: initial draft
debian_on_dell_xps15: publish post on and
debian_on_dell_xps15: link Debian mirror list
debian_on_dell_xps15: update
creating tag page tags/hardware
debian_on_dell_xps15: add new post
bump copyright year
aboutme: fix typo
aboutme: fix Gatecoin URL
aboutme: add Gatecoin
ethereum_gpu_mining_on_linux_howto: add image_src link tag
Ethereum GPU Mining on Linux How-To (PUBLISH)
creating tag page tags/mining
creating tag page tags/ethereum
creating tag page tags/cryptocurrency
ethereum_gpu_mining_on_linux_howto: increase size of preview image
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sidebar: cleanup
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ethereum_gpu_mining_on_linux_howto: fix link
ethereum_gpu_mining_on_linux_howto: add tip address
fix block!
fix block?
Ethereum GPU Mining on Linux How-To (DRAFT)
aboutme: ISP with 17
aboutme: typos
aboutme: professional and non-professional achievements / CV
sidebar: link Facebook profile
projects/smartirc4net: link GitHub as ticket tracker
sidebar: add LinkedIn link
add performance data of Intel SSD DC S3500 120GB (SSDSC2BB120G4)
research/ install bonnie++
research/harddisk_performance: move AF (advanced format) tag behind disk size
research/harddisk_performance: add performance data of WD Red AF Pro 3TB (WD3001FFSX)
research/harddisk_performance/WD30EFRX: fix format
posts/smuxi_1.0_release: re-aggregate to planet-debian and monologue
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posts/smuxi_1.0_release: fixed inlined page name
posts/smuxi_1.0_release: aggregate Smuxi 1.0 release
projects/smartirc4net: link 1.0 release
Fixed Samsung SSD 850 Pro size in table
Added Samsung SSD 850 Pro 512GB MZ-7KE512 performance data
Added Samsung SSD 850 Pro 1TB MZ-7KE1T0 performance data
sidebar: added email and Xing, removed obsolete/unused
notify-sharp: link 3.0.3 release
Added Samsung SSD 850 Pro 256GB (MZ-7KE256) performance data
projects/leveldb-sharp: 1.9.2 release
posts/smuxi_0.11_release: aggregate to planet-debian and planet-mono
(hopefully) fixed include
aggregate Smuxi 0.11 release announcement
projects/smuxi/news: added news feed
Added Samsung SSD 840 EVO 250GB (MZ-7TE250) performance data
research/harddisk_performance: don't use abbreviated model names
fixed ikiwiki link
removed model column
Use ikiwiki link instead, markdown syntax didn't work
Test markdown link in ikiwiki table
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sidebar: link TorChat protocol dissect page
research/torchat_protocol: design goals are not specified somewhere, thus assumed
research/torchat_protocol: refined ping payload
research/torchat_protocol: stress that authentication tokens have to be unique
research/torchat_protocol: replaced "unstable" branch links with commitid links
research/torchat_protocol: made onion address a link
research/torchat_protocol: added onion link
research/torchat_protocol: added hidden services guessing
research/torchat_protocol: refined ping documentation
research/torchat_protocol: added design goals
research/torchat_protocol: added command format
research/torchat_protocol: added message size to potential security issues
projects/smuxi/posts: uses forced https
notify-sharp: link GNOME git repository
[] check all used commands and abort if needed early
[] added detection for IDE, SATA and SCSI of lspci output
[] check and install lspci before use
[] Ubuntu 12.04's gcc doesn't like -lpthread for some reason
[] use mirrored seeker_baryluk.c version
imported seeker_baryluk.c
[] fixed error message of smartctl check
Added 47gb normalized comment to bonnie++ header
fixed file name
Added WD Red AF 3TB (WD30EFRX) performance data
Contributed by strohi
Added WD Red AF 2TB (WD20EFRX) performance data
Contributed by strohi
Added WD Caviar Green AF 1TB (WD10EARX) performance data
Contributed by strohi
TorChat: also link TorChat's Python source code
TorChat: cover connections section
TorChat: added connections stub
TorChat: TOC doesn't show h1 headers
TorChat: added Potential Security Issues / Weaknesses section