Recent changes to this wiki:

copyright: bumped year to 2023
sidebar: fix nostr link
Ikiwiki does not like "nostr:" URIs thus we link the page instead.
sidebar.mdwn: add nostr link to menu
pictures/mirco_laser.jpg: laser eyes profile picture for nostr
posts/ethereum_gpu_mining_on_linux_howto: update NVIDIA driver package to 384.90
posts/ethereum_gpu_mining_on_linux_howto: fix typo
posts/ethereum_gpu_mining_on_linux_howto: link
posts/ethereum_gpu_mining_on_linux_howto: fix command to execute the binary
projects/smartirc4net: link official nuget package
projects/smartirc4net: link smartirc4net 1.1 release
posts/secure_usb_boot_with_debian: clearify USB boot disk
posts/debian_on_dell_xps15: fix typo in the Dell model number
index: hide action links below blog posts
index: show only the last 3 blog posts
My blog posts are way too extensive to always show the last 10 blog posts on
the main page.
copyright: bumped year to 2017
sidebar: link keybase profile
secure_usb_boot_with_debian: fixed typo uncrypted -> unencrypted
secure_usb_boot_with_debian: fix typo
secure_usb_boot_with_debian: publish to blog, planet-debian and planet-mono
creating tag page tags/security
secure_usb_boot_with_debian: update foreword and final words
secure_usb_boot_with_debian: howto is Debian centric
secure_usb_boot_with_debian: make fingerprint portion bold
secure_usb_boot_with_debian: initial draft
debian_on_dell_xps15: publish post on and
debian_on_dell_xps15: link Debian mirror list
debian_on_dell_xps15: update
creating tag page tags/hardware
debian_on_dell_xps15: add new post
bump copyright year
aboutme: fix typo
aboutme: fix Gatecoin URL
aboutme: add Gatecoin
ethereum_gpu_mining_on_linux_howto: add image_src link tag
Ethereum GPU Mining on Linux How-To (PUBLISH)
creating tag page tags/ethereum
creating tag page tags/cryptocurrency
creating tag page tags/mining
ethereum_gpu_mining_on_linux_howto: increase size of preview image
ethereum_gpu_mining_on_linux_howto: tag
sidebar: cleanup
ethereum_gpu_mining_on_linux_howto: fix tip ethminer command
ethereum_gpu_mining_on_linux_howto: fix link take 2
ethereum_gpu_mining_on_linux_howto: fix link
ethereum_gpu_mining_on_linux_howto: add tip address
fix block!
fix block?
Ethereum GPU Mining on Linux How-To (DRAFT)
aboutme: ISP with 17
aboutme: typos
aboutme: professional and non-professional achievements / CV
sidebar: link Facebook profile
projects/smartirc4net: link GitHub as ticket tracker
sidebar: add LinkedIn link
add performance data of Intel SSD DC S3500 120GB (SSDSC2BB120G4)
research/ install bonnie++
research/harddisk_performance: move AF (advanced format) tag behind disk size
research/harddisk_performance: add performance data of WD Red AF Pro 3TB (WD3001FFSX)
research/harddisk_performance/WD30EFRX: fix format
posts/smuxi_1.0_release: re-aggregate to planet-debian and monologue
Comment moderation
posts/smuxi_1.0_release: fixed inlined page name
posts/smuxi_1.0_release: aggregate Smuxi 1.0 release
projects/smartirc4net: link 1.0 release
Fixed Samsung SSD 850 Pro size in table
Added Samsung SSD 850 Pro 512GB MZ-7KE512 performance data
Added Samsung SSD 850 Pro 1TB MZ-7KE1T0 performance data
sidebar: added email and Xing, removed obsolete/unused
notify-sharp: link 3.0.3 release
Added Samsung SSD 850 Pro 256GB (MZ-7KE256) performance data
projects/leveldb-sharp: 1.9.2 release
posts/smuxi_0.11_release: aggregate to planet-debian and planet-mono
(hopefully) fixed include
aggregate Smuxi 0.11 release announcement
projects/smuxi/news: added news feed
Added Samsung SSD 840 EVO 250GB (MZ-7TE250) performance data
research/harddisk_performance: don't use abbreviated model names
fixed ikiwiki link
removed model column
Use ikiwiki link instead, markdown syntax didn't work
Test markdown link in ikiwiki table
Comment moderation
sidebar: link TorChat protocol dissect page
research/torchat_protocol: design goals are not specified somewhere, thus assumed
research/torchat_protocol: refined ping payload
research/torchat_protocol: stress that authentication tokens have to be unique
research/torchat_protocol: replaced "unstable" branch links with commitid links
research/torchat_protocol: made onion address a link
research/torchat_protocol: added onion link
research/torchat_protocol: added hidden services guessing
research/torchat_protocol: refined ping documentation
research/torchat_protocol: added design goals
research/torchat_protocol: added command format
research/torchat_protocol: added message size to potential security issues
projects/smuxi/posts: uses forced https
notify-sharp: link GNOME git repository
[] check all used commands and abort if needed early