About Me / CV

 1983: Spawned in Hamburg, Germany as Mirco Bauer

 1989: Written first program in GW-BASIC
       The national flag of Germany in 3 colors displayed on a Commodore PC
       with an Intel 8088 processor and a CGA monitor

 1998: Launched a Counter-Strike fan website (csworld.net)
-2001  Developed a dynamic website for Counter-Strike news and other
       resources using HTML, PHP4 and MySQL. Website had a peak of 20,000
       unique visitors per day

 2000: Became ISP in Frankfurt, Germany (qNETp)
-2001  Operation of Linux based servers for Netbrain AG sponsored websites:
       csworld.net, mogelpower.de, 3dcenter.de, hardtecs4u.de

 2000: Professional Education: Fachinformatiker (IT specialist)
-2003  GSD Software Design GmbH, Hamburg, Germany
       Business and Engineering

 2002: Became Open-source Developer (phpSmartIRCclass)
       Released an open-source IRC client library written in PHP
       to communicate with IRC servers

 2002: Official PHP- / PEAR Developer (meebey@php.net)
-2003  Incubated developed IRC library phpSmartIRCclass into PEAR

 2003: System Engineer
       GSD Software Design GmbH, Hamburg, Germany

 2004: Package Maintainer in the Debian project
-2006  Founded the „Debian Mono Group“ with the goal of bringing Mono into
       the Debian archive

 2006: Chief System Engineer
       GSD Software Design GmbH, Hamburg, Germany

 2006: IRC-Library and graphical IRC client for GNOME
       Development of an IRC-Library in C# (SmartIrc4net)
       Development of a graphical IRC cient in C# with GTK+ (Smuxi)

 2007: Official Debian Developer (meebey@debian.org)
       Maintaining the Mono-, MonoDevelop-, GTK#- and other packages:

 2010: GNOME Foundation Member (mmmbauer@gnome.org)
       Development of Smuxi and maintenance of the Notify# library

 2010: Chief System Engineer / CTO
       GSD Software Design GmbH, Hamburg, Germany

 2013: GNOME .NET Hackfest 2013 in Vienna, Austria
       Porting Smuxi to GTK# 3.0, packaging GTK# 3.0 for Debian

 2015: .NET Foundation Advisory Council Member
       Advising, communication and policy development for the
       foundation and open-source .NET projects

 2016: Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
       Gate Digital Services Limited, Hong Kong
       Trading platform for crypto-currencies and blockchain assets