Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! Yeah, it's that time of year again, I am writing a blog post bigsmile.png. As some of you have probably already noticed I managed to get Smuxi 0.7 released a few days ago. Almost all of my Xmas vacation I was hacking on Smuxi. This is the best Smuxi release ever (guaranteed!). The most notable features I implemented in the 0.7 release are: Twitter support, handling for high latency networks (UTMS, WLAN, busy DSL) and an improved IRC experience through tweaks such as splitting oversized messages and new context menus. This release also contains very nice contributions from David Paleino ?2[] and Clément Bourgeois. Both joined the hackfest during my Xmas vacation and made the hacking sessions on Smuxi even more fun. Thanks for that guys! Here you can find a full list of changes.

As everbody likes screenshots and as screenshots say a thousand words, here they are:

Quick Connect


User Menu

Which direction will Smuxi head in after the 0.7 release? For the 0.8 release, I plan to focus on making the IRC support feature complete. That means we will get DCC, SSL, IPv6 and logging support. Nothing of that sounds very special but I am already investigating how Smuxi can be integrated with the promising new Zeitgeist project. I interviewed one of the developers for potential communication between Smuxi and Zeitgeist.

Last but not least, I want to announce that I will be attending FOSDEM 2010 in Brussels. I also will give a talk about Smuxi there, scheduled on 2010-02-07 at 16:30. If you want to have a chat, a beer, do some GPG keysigning, or ask me any questions, I am available bigsmile.png

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