You are wondering if forgot my password of the blogging account? No I didn't, I just don't have much time to do blogging. I try to invest more time to just do things than to talk about what I have done or will do. Blogging needs time: you need a topic to blog about, you have to login, make a point, do spellchecking and so on. The result: you see about every 3 months a blog post from me. Don't get me wrong, I am doing geeky stuff every single day (except when I am on vacation maybe, but that was how many years ago, eh?).
Micro-Blogging to the rescue! You probably know micro-blogging ala already, but for me thats something new wink.png You just post a single message with no more than 140 characters and you are done. So if you want to follow my activities, feel free to subscribe to my micro-blog found on twitter:

Smuxi is doing nice progress now, I made 2 important changes to archive constant progress: switch from Subversion to Git and with that switch from Trac to Redmine. Now everything is kept in feature-branches and I can switch more often between features and bug fixes without messing all up. More details about this can be found in this Smuxi blog post.